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2016-2017 Futurity Points

As of 12/6/16, here are the points standing for the Futurity program

1. Cortney Copleand    Williams 1605(Y11524)   44 pts

2. Cortney Copeland    Kuehne 1551 (Y11457)    31 pts    

3. Courtney Bauck        Geerts 2286 (Y11888)     21.5 pts

4. Elizabeth Thiesen       Frey 15-9 (Y11572)        21 pts

4. Seth Bauck                Worm 639(Y12028)        21 pts

6. Kale Geiser                Key 6756(Y12039)         18 pts

7. Jessica Steinmetz       Frey 15-13 (Y11574)      16.5 pts

8. Tate Lantz                  Pitt 38981677 (Y11631)  14 pts

8. Kale Geiser                Kuehne 1620 (Y11669)   14 pts

10. Jessica Steinmetz      Frey 15-49 (Y11567)     10.5 pts

10. Macoy Thiesen         Frey 15-10 (Y11523)      10.5 pts

12. Megan Prather          Borcher 6171(Y11981)   8 pts

13. Macoy Thiesen         Borcher 6244 (Y12158)  5.5 pts

14. Sawyer Neubauer     Steinmetz 1840 (Y11946)  4 pts

15. Mauren Thiesen       Travaille 1260 (Y12146)    3 pts

2015-2016 Futurity Winners

Congratulations to Aleah Heard (WY) for winning the Comeback Show at the Diamond Jubilee and Seth Bauck (WI) who stood atop the juniors in the year end points show.  Full placings can be viewed by clicking on the link below

 2016 Comeback Futurity Show

 2015-2016 Futurity Points Final

Point Futurity Program

Columbia Sheep Breeders Association 2016-2017 Futurity Rules

CSBA Futurity Rules

Points Form

The Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America (CSBA) will sponsor its annual Points Futurity and Comeback Futurity programs at the 2016 and 2017 National Show and Sales.  The Futurity programs encourage junior members to purchase, raise, and exhibit their female the following year.  Consignors have the opportunity to take an active role in youth promotion.  The Futurity will make it beneficial for breeders to consign their very best animals to sales and motivate junior members to purchase high quality breeding stock. In addition to adding a top quality female to his/her flock, junior members are eligible to win a sizable premium.  Premiums come from consigner futurity nomination fees, along with additional monetary support from the Junior Association.


Points Futurity Competition

a)   Junior members purchase a ewe lamb at a designated sale.

b)   Junior members exhibit the lamb at shows and earn points at each show.

c)   After each show, the junior will submit a futurity form within 21 days of the show to the designated CSBA Board member.

d)   Payout will be for 8 places and 40% of total nomination fees.

      1st - 25%, 2nd - 22%, 3rd - 18%, 4th - 15%, 5th - 10%, 6th - 5%, 7th - 3%, 8th - 2%


Comeback Futurity Competition

a)   Junior members purchase a ewe lamb at a designated sale. 

b)   The futurity ewe returns, as a yearling, the National Show and Sale to compete in the "Comeback Show."

c)   Payout will be for 10  places and 60% of total nomination fees.

        1st - 20%, 2nd - 15%, 3rd - 12.5%, 4th -11.25%, 5th - 10%, 6th - 8.75%, 7th - 7.5%, 8th - 6.25%, 9th - 5%, 10th - 3.75%

Consigner Rules

a)   The Futurity is open to all ewe lambs born between September 1, 2015 and May 1st, 2016.

b)   Each ewe lamb must bear proper identification which corresponds to the CSBA registration certificate.  Flock tag and scrapie tag numbers will be recorded for the futurity program.

c)   A nomination fee of $25 will be collected by sale management staff from the consigner and payable to the CSBA. The ewe will be identified with an F prior to the show and sale to identify eligibility.

d)   Designated/approved sales for 2016/2017 will be National Columbia Show & Sale, Midwest Stud Ram Sale and Banner sponsored sales (i.e. Big Ohio Sale, Great Lakes Sale and Crossroads of the West All Breeds Sale)

      (1)  Each ewe lamb must conform to and abide by the rules and regulations of the sale to which it is consigned.

        (2)  Should an entry be sifted by the judge and not offered for sale as a futurity ewe, the nomination fee will not be returned to the consignor.

        (3)  Should an entry not sell, the nomination fee will not be returned to the consignor.

Exhibitor Rules for Points Futurity and/or Comeback Futurity

a)   No minimum age limit to compete in the Points Futurity or Comeback Futurity Show.

b)    There is a maximum of 21 years in age to participate in either show.

        (1)  Points Futurity:  Exhibitors may not exceed 21 years in age on the day of the show for points to count.

        (2)  Comeback Futurity:  Exhibitors may not exceed 21 years in age on the day of the purchase.  May be 22 yrs old on the day of the comeback futurity show.


c)   All exhibitors must be able to, physically, handle and show their own sheep.  The exhibitor must show from the head of the sheep exhibited.

d)    Membership in the Columbia Junior Association must be paid by and at the time of either show.

        (1)  Two membership options are applicable.  Refer to the CSBA website for details under Jr. Association.


e)    Ownership of futurity ewes (points or comeback) must be in the exhibitor’s name only.  

      1)   Youth partnerships, farm names or family ownerships are not permitted.

1)      Jr. Exhibitor may not be a family member or employee of the consigner.

2)      A maximum of 2 futurity ewe lambs is permitted in the Points Futurity Contest or the Comeback Futurity.

3)      Points earned are not transferrable to another person or lamb.

4)      If there are two Futurity animals in the same class, the junior exhibitor must exhibit one and another junior member must exhibit the second animal.  No points will be awarded if a Futurity animal is shown by an adult.

Point Scoring and Awards

a)   Points begin accruing immediately upon the conclusion of the 2016 National Columbia Show and Sale on June 11th, 2016.  Point tally concludes following completion of the 2017 National Jr. Futurity Comeback Show, Friday morning June 9th, 2017. 

b)   Premium checks will be awarded prior to 2017 Columbia National Sale on Saturday, June 10th, 2017.

c)   An individual ewe lamb may accumulate points from Open and Junior Shows.

d)    Accelerated points will be awarded for the following shows:

        (1)  All-American Junior Show –1.5 x normal point schedule

        (2)  NAILE Junior Show – 1.5 x normal point value

        (3)  National Columbia Junior Show – 2 x normal point value


e)    CSBA Futurity Form will be submitted/mailed and postmarked within 21 days of the show to the designated board member.  **Incomplete or late forms will not be accepted. 

        (1)  The designated Board member is Marie Baumer, W3896 Harvey Lane, Mindoro, WI 54644.  Forms should be mailed to Marie 


f)    Any number of shows/forms can be submitted.  Only the top 5 point-earning shows will count.  The Comeback Futurity show placing will be the tie breaker for the Points Futurity competition.

g) Here is the schedule of points earned at a show




 # in
 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12+
 1-2  2  1          
 3-4  4  3  2  1        
 5-6  6  5  4  3  2  1      
 7-8  8  7  6  5  4  3  2  1    
 9-11 10 10  9  8  7  6  5  4  3   2   1 
 12+ 10 10 10  9  8  7  6  5  4   3   2  1

Futurity and Comeback Show Results from past years

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