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Columbias - The Best in the Barn!

The Columbia Youth Program was established to recognize youth under 22 years of age who are actively involved in the breeding and promotion of Columbia sheep.

The objective: To encourage youth to select Columbia sheep as a youth project and to retain these youth as active Columbia sheep breeders after they reach adult age.

For more information, please contact the Junior Advisor - Manda Geerts-Davis

7643 E. Sandwich Rd
Hinckley, IL  60520


Press release

2018 Junior National Columbia Show - Gillette, WY June 11-16th

Junior Results

The 2018 Junior Show will be held June 14th in conjunction with the National Show and Sale in Gillette, Wyoming at the Cam-Plex

Entries are due May 1st.  Late entries will be accepted with late fees charged.

2018 National Junior Show Entry form

Scholarship Application

The Junior CSBA National Show Schedule looks like this:

8 am -- sheep must be in place at the CamPlex
8:30-9:30 am -- Junior Check-In
10 am-Noon -- Fitting Contest
Noon -- Ice Cream Social
12:30 pm -- Fitting Contest Awards

THURSDAY June 14t h
9:00 am -- Jr. Sheep Show
after Jr. sheep show -- Junior Association meeting for all Jr. members
  after meeting -- Skill-A-Thon
6 pm -- Eat at host barbeque
6:30 pm -- Leave for off grounds activity

FRIDAY June 15 th
8 am -- Futurity Comeback Show
6:30 pm -- Pizza Party sponsored by the CSBA
6:30 pm -- CSBA Banquet—Jr. scholarships, Skill-a-Thon and
Jr. Sheep Show awards presented

SATURDAY June 16th
10 am -- Futurity Awards

2017 Junior Meeting

2017-18 Board of Directors

President - Mauren Thiesen-MN

Vice President - Keegan Lantzy-IN

Secretary - Maesyn Thiesen-MN

Treasurer - Elizabeth Thiesen-IA

Directors - Lance Pitt-UT and Kayla Schmitt-MO


Show Results

2016 National Junior Meeting
Junior members met in Minot to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of the Association.  Please click to read the minutes from their meeting.  
2016-17 Jr. Association Board of Directors
President - Mauren Thiesen, MN
Vice President - Keegan Lantzy, IN
Secretary - Maesyn Thiesen, MN
Treasurer - Katie Schmitt, MO
Directors - Lance Pitt, UT; Elizabeth Thiesen, IA 
Ambassador - Kenadi Bredahl, ND

2016 Diamond Jubilee Junior Show results

Very successful show in Minot with 30 exhibitors include 8 first timers.  80 sheep entered.

2016 JR Results

Junior Dues

For those members that currently have a senior membership and have children that want to join the Junior Association or juniors that wish to show at the National Junior show only, The Columbia Association has adopted a new junior dues option. For $5.00 any junior can join the Junior Association but will not receive the benefits of a membership in the National Association.

Below is a table comparing different membership options
and the benefits received from each option:


 Cost Voting RightsPublicationDirectoryRegister SheepFarm NameJr AssocNat Jr Show
Sr Membership $50.00 XXXX  
Jr Membership $15.00  XXX X
Jr Dues Only* $5.00      XX

*Junior Dues Only must be paid directly to the Junior Association
Mail to Manda Geerts-Davis

Past Junior Shows/Minutes

Upcoming Events