Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America

Columbias - The Best in the Barn!

All-American Registry

c/o Charlie Worm

PO Box 722

Lakefield, MN 56150

Phone # - 507-360-2160

Fax # - 507-662-6294

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If you are the owner of Registered Columbia Sheep, you may secure a membership by contacting the Columbia Sheep Breeders Registry Office for an application blank or you can download and print a copy.

 Registration form

 Work Order

 Membership Form - pay annual dues   

 Breeding Certificate (If someone other than yourself bred the sheep or you used a sheep that was not owned by you)

Booster Club Form

Your active membership is good, providing you continue to transact business with the Association. If no animals are registered for a period of two years consecutively, your membership may be transferred to the inactive status until such time that you again transact business with the Association.

All Registry work must be done for sheep recorded in the exact name of the membership. A corporation, partnership or firm, or two or more individuals may become members just the same as one individual, but in this case sheep can be recorded only as the membership stands. All memberships must be 25 spaces or less.

NEW - Register sheep online.   

Registration fees

Animal under 24 months - $5.00 - CSBA  $15 - non members

Animal over 24 months - $6.00 - CSBA     $18- non members

Please send check to CSB, PO BOX 722, Lakefield, MN 56150

**Please use Work order form to pay dues and transfer sheep

Thank you for registering sheep with the Columbia Sheep Breeders of America. Charlie will process your registration and papers will be mailed as soon as payment is received.
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What a membership means to you

A membership in the Columbia Sheep Breeders Association of America can mean many things to a Columbia breeder. It means that a person has a voting right to help guide the Association through the years. They may attend Association meetings to voice their opinion and vote on major issues of the Columbia industry.

A membership also mean savings in fees which are necessary for registrations, transfers, etc. Over the period of a few short months a new member can make up their membership fee and continue to save on the entries and transfers. Nonmember rates are triple regular membership fees.

A membership entitles a member to show in Association sponsored shows and sales, and it entitles them to show where Association awards are given. A membership entitles you to the Columbia breed magazine "Speaking of Columbias," that keeps you abreast of all the latest happenings in the Columbia world.

An active membership gives you a free listing in the annual breeders directory, and a listing in the online breeder's directory on this website.

Annual Dues and Junior Membership

Association dues are to be paid on or before the first transaction of business each calendar year.

Senior membership dues are $50 per year.
Junior (under 22 years of age) membership dues are $15 per year.

For voting rights, senior membership dues must be paid.

Bylaws (revised July 2016)

Click here to view the Columbia Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

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